There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to your wedding day.  Brides spend months pouring over details and making sure everything is in place to run smoothly on their big day.  Most brides don't plan for a three hour long power outage in the middle of their reception...

From the minute the power went out, the smile never left Jaclyn's face.  Brides have choices when something doesn't go as planned on their wedding day.  They can choose to be distraught that their guests are eating dinner in the dark, they can cry because the DJ is unable to play music on anything other than a portable speaker, they can let the hiccup ruin their entire night.  Jaclyn never panicked, she never yelled, and she never stopped making jokes about how absolutely ridiculous the entire situation was. 

The second the lights clicked back on, the atmosphere was magic.  After three hours of waiting in the dark, all of Jaclyn and Ryan's guests ran towards the dance floor.  Around the time the reception should have been coming to a close, Jaclyn & Ryan shared their first dance.  When midnight rolled around, everyone was still dancing.  Jaclyn & Ryan were surrounded by so much love on their wedding day, and it was a day I feel so honored to be a part of! 

Venue: White Pines Golf Club & Banquets

DJ: Tim at Ready, Set, Dance! Entertainment